With the emergences of .com job searches, it has become hugely challenging for businesses to find (and keep) qualified and talented people. The emergences of web-based job search resources have helped create a fluid workforce capable of constantly searching for that next perfect job. According to the International Management Association, average churn rates have jumped by more than 14 percent in just the last decade — and that number continues to climb.


Employers can combat this trend — while saving both time and money — by enlisting online assessments to accurately qualify job applicants, build “A” teams for special projects, provide a measurable basis for promotion & succession planning, enhance organizational restructuring and more. Simply stated, quality, science-supported online assessments can ensure that a company eliminates risk while optimizing its greatest potential attribute: human capital.


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The DISC Fitness Benchmarking & Comparison System will provide business owners, managers and HR professionals the ability to compare new applicants to desirable job-performance benchmarks. The user can also compare job applicants to current employees who have already demonstrated the desirable attributes necessary for success. One of the unique qualities of this system is that it empowers the user to select as many benchmarks or individuals as desired, with a simultaneous bird’s eye view of a dozen, or even several dozens, different applicant comparisons.


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