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Yes, soft skills still matter.


In today’s tech-driven economy, you might be surprised by the skill sets in demand in today’s job market.


In analyzing data from a cross-section of their 530 million members, researchers at LinkedIn formulated a list of the 20 fastest-growing emerging jobs. The rankings were determined by the number of times members listed certain job titles on their profiles from 2012 to 2017.

The results? “Machine Learning Engineer” and “Data Scientist” topped the list, with demand for these roles growing 9.8 times and 6.5 times, respectively, over this five-year period. As technology continues to dominate, this may not be a huge surprise. However, what’s encouraging for non-tech types is that the two jobs that followed required vastly different skills. “Sales Development Representative” and “Customer Success Manager,” grew by 5.7 times and 5.6 times, respectively in that 5-year period.


Yes, people skills do matter. In fact, 12/20 of those 20 jobs demand “soft” skills like “Guest Experience Associate.” The other eight jobs require specific technical backgrounds, like “Full Stack Developer.”


It’s also important to keep in mind that regardless of the nature of the job, interpersonal skills position a candidate head and shoulders over those who lack in this area. A survey of 1,600 hiring managers conducted last year by LinkedIn revealed the top skills hiring managers screen for when evaluating candidates include: adaptability; culture fit; collaboration; leadership; growth potential; and prioritization.


The takeaway here? It’s a good reminder that despite technological innovations, people skills will always be in demand. According to that report, “The ability to collaborate, be a leader, and learn from colleagues will stand out in interviews, and even more once starting a job.”


What does this mean for you? It’s about maximizing your strengths and minimizing weaknesses. Whether you are just beginning your career, looking to transition between companies or industries, or looking to make another type of major job change, our career coaches can help you develop the tools you need to market yourself well in this constantly changing and increasingly competitive environment. We use a strength-based approach to discovering, growing, and leveraging your unique skill set and talents. We can help you stand out in the sea of competition while finding an opportunity that will also achieve your goals.


Written By Toni Widman
Toni Widman is the founder and CEO of Integrated Talent Solutions, part of a family of brands offering unique solutions to organizations in Talent Acquisition and culture fit. Our unique Benchmarking process enables us to be set apart from other typical recruiting organizations. By defining expectations for job success using a data driven approach, we help companies Identify, select and develop the RIGHT Team. If you are looking for the proven path for better hiring practices, please contact us at


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