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If there’s one universal truth in the business world, it’s that what worked for you this year won’t work necessarily work next year. It’s important then for execs (and everyone, really) to stay relevant as times change. Looking to 2018, I want to help you be successful in the year ahead.  That said, here are 5 habits you should consider putting the kibosh on:

  1. Putting off training
    Training might feel like a burden on an already full plate, but that’s not the right way to look at it. Those who are the most successful know it’s an investment in a better tomorrow. Great things can happen when you invest in yourself and your team.

  2. Acquiring knowledge for knowledge’s sake.
    Content—and knowledge—is cheap. For example, you can read hundreds of articles on leadership, but instead of reading about how to improve why don’t you just do it? Practice beats theory any day.

  3. Looking for ideas in the wrong places.
    A C-suite office implies attaining a certain level of authority and knowledge—among other things. But it’s not the end- all-be-all when it comes to innovation. Executives need to listen to ideas from all levels of seniority. In other words, we need to listen everywhere. Your employees are likely the best source of feedback because they are in the trenches.

  4. Doing more stuff.
    More is not always the answer. Instead of fixating on checking off a list of tasks, focus on outcomes. Set a long-term vision and empower your team to succeed. Then give them space to do so, while offering support and guidance when needed. Micromanagement is not the answer.

  5. Using business jargon.
    Read any article in a business publication and you’ll likely come across “business speak.” Many execs are keen to adopt this language, as it’s trendy but it can actually get in the way of communication. Cut through the clutter and you’ll do everyone a favor.


What are your goals for 2018? How can I help you hit them?

Written By Toni Widman


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