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It’s an uncomfortable truth. Most people go through the motions at work.  Consider the fact that a 2016 Society for Human Resource Management survey found that just 37 percent of employees are very satisfied with their job. 

Imagine what could happen if they were inspired by their life’s work. I imagine great things could come to fruition. If you fall into the “meh” camp, you might consider these 4 ways to infuse some enthusiasm and energy into your work life:


Take inventory.
We could all stand to check in with ourselves every now and then, for both personal and professional benefits. Ask yourself: What drives you? What fuels your mind and soul? If you can manage to marry drivers or motivators with a job, I really believe you will find success, regardless of field.


Find balance and harmony.
Technology has changed expectations in the workplace. Email, text and other solutions mean we can communicate whenever and wherever. While it’s easy to be always “on,” it’s just as easy to lose a sense of balance. Set and maintain boundaries.


Be open to new ideas.
Your colleagues and mentors have wisdom and life experiences that could benefit you. Do you have an open mind? Sometimes it takes someone to challenge you to open up your eyes to new or better ways of doing things. As Frank Zappa said, “A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.”


Dream bigger.
Feeling stuck? You don’t have to be satisfied with the status quo. Whether it’s the company, position or the line of work you are in that’s got you down, remember the only thing barrier between you and change is yourself. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and pursue something that serves you both financially and mentally.


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Written By Toni Widman
Toni Widman is the founder and CEO of Integrated Talent Solutions, part of a family of brands offering unique solutions to organizations in Talent Acquisition and culture fit. Our unique Benchmarking process enables us to be set apart from other typical recruiting organizations. By defining expectations for job success using a data driven approach, we help companies Identify, select and develop the RIGHT Team. If you are looking for the proven path for better hiring practices, please contact us at


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