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Our purpose is to attract and recruit the best talent to fulfill your strategic plan. Our candidates, who are guaranteed to fulfill their responsibilities and accountabilities for today, perform with vision and insight to ready your organization for tomorrow. Whether you need a branch manager, director, financial analyst, or C level high performer, we recruit individuals who are sustainable leaders for your organization.

You will be delighted with the level and quality of candidates presented, including the thoroughness of our vetting process and the detailed candidate portfolio you will receive for each interviewee. Our clients appreciate the in-depth approach that is invested on their behalf: multi-dimensional screening, leadership, behavior and personal competency assessments. We partner with Moellering Management certified leadership coach’s who applies unique expertise to recruiting on your behalf, our valued client.

Roles are benchmarked using a patented benchmarking process to determine the behaviors, values, personal skills and task preferences required for superior performance. We help to eliminate natural biases often connected with the hiring process and use factual data to provide a solid foundation for coaching and hiring success!

Our proven recruitment process is ideal to assess and recruit new board talent and is a valuable tool for objectivity evaluating internal talent for succession planning, increased functional responsibilities, or cross-functional development. We support you in developing and maintaining a quality people-attraction and development program that provides surprising value.

Partnering with Integrated Talent Solutions supports your organization and helps it to thrive.  Call us for a conversation about your vision regarding recruiting and retaining the best people.


What makes us different?

We help assess your organization and its culture, integrating a new leader for optimum success and advising executive leadership and boards.

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